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Video GameTournaments

Everyone loves a little friendly competition, but some people like to makethings a little more interesting. Now, you can take playing video games withyour friends to the next level by taking part in online video games tournaments, launched by VirginGaming in 2010.

The types of games that you can play in these tournaments range from sportsgames like FIFA and Madden to action games like Assassin’s Creed. There issomething for everyone in these tournaments, so you’ll be hard pressed to findworthy opponents online.

All you have to do to get started is sign up to the service and deposit fundsusing your credit card. You can then search through existing tournaments forone that catches your eye. If you’d rather compete against your friends, youcan create your own tournaments, setting your own rules and agreeing on a time.In all cases, the winner of the tournament wins the buy-ins from all otherplayers.

A rating system ensures that players are evenly-matched to minimize the threat of cheating. There are also secure systems and web filters in place to keep the system free from identity theft, hacking, and underage gambling. Already, these video gamestournaments have seen a great deal of action and players from across thecountry log on every day to get their competitive fix.